All members on the database who has their Receive Communication tickbox selected.

The member won’t be able to log into the CMS on either the web interface or Mobile App and won’t receive any type of communication

If the members mobile number has been filled in on their profile and the Can Access Mobile App tickbox has been selected the member will be able to login.

Go to the members profile and click on the Reset Password link and follow the steps.

Go to the Admin menu and select Client Info. There you will be able to add/edit/delete all information under Contact Details, Important Numbers, Board and Estate Agents

First you need to create a Topic. After you’ve created a topic an email will be sent to all members informing them of the topic you’ve just created. You can then write a comment inside the topic to encourage responses from the members. Members will now be able to add new comments or respond to other comments. You will then be able to respond to comments or delete if neccessary.

If it is a specific person you can go to that persons profile and check under Communication History.

If you need a list of emails which were delivered to many people, you can go to the Admin menu and select Reports. There you can draw a report for the email in question and download the results. The results will show if the email was delivered or not.